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Dice is a well-known game with quite simple rules. Despite it’s so old, Betfurians like it very much. Looking on Big Wins, it’s obvious that Dice is a very lucky game.
Do all of you know, how to catch the lady luck in Dice? There are lots of strategies on the Internet, which you can use. But the choice is not so easy. We’ve studied the specificity of the existed strategies and propose you to choose one and try.


This is the most popular strategy. After every loosing double your bet amount and restore it to your original bet
after every win. This means, that even if you loose several times, the winning will return all your initial funds back.
So, when the player wins, the winning amount should cover the loses. But it’s sometimes quite risky, while you don’t know when fortune will come to you. It may take long until you return money.
For example:

  1. A player loses betting 1 TRX to roll over 50
  2. The player bets a 2 TRX to roll over 50
  3. If that bet loses, the player bets 4 TRX to roll over 50
  4. This pattern continues until the player correctly predicts a roll.
    In this case, when finally you win it will recover all previous losses plus the 1TRX profit.

The Labouchère system (split martingale)

By choosing such strategy, a player decides which amount of money he wants to win. He needs to write down a list of positive numbers that sum to the foregone amount. Let’s see how it works:

  1. A player wants to win 2000TRX
  2. He divides this amount into 5 parts: 400, 400, 400, 400, 400
  3. Take into account that the betting coefficient must be at least x2.
  4. His first bet must be the sum of the first and last numbers on the list (400+400=800).
  5. Now, if he wins, he crosses of both 400s from the list. If he loses, he adds 800 to the end of the list (400, 400, 400, 400, 400+800).
  6. This continues until eventually there are no items left on the list. If there is only one number left, you bet it.

Paroli Strategy

This system is opposite to Martingale. Here you have to double winning bets. But if you continue to win and have
already won big, reduce the amount of your bet. It makes this dice strategy
relatively safer than the Martingale strategy, because it aims at taking
advantage of the lucky straight wins.
This strategy is beloved by users, who don’t want to risk big.

By using these strategies playing Dice on BetFury can be even more exciting. Moreover, there is such new feature on Dice as Autobetting.
What does it allow?

  • Now you can manage bets by choosing auto bet
  • At first set the game settings, select the lucky number and the bet amount
  • Click “Autobet” to continue
  • Choose the number of desired autobets (by choosing 0 – there will be endless bets amount)
  • Manage your bets
  • On Win you can reset or increase the % of bet amount
  • On Loss you can reset or increase the % of bet amount
    Also you can set up Stop on Profit/ Stop on Loss

It’s always your choice how to play – with or without strategies. Choose the way, which makes your playing amazing.
Of course, there are faults in all gaming methods. Any dice strategy can’t guarantee beating odds.

The BetFury’s mission is to give you lots of opportunities to win. We want you to enjoy not only wins, but also the process of playing.

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